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Rock n Roll Artisan Market Colwyn Bay 18/6/22

Let's begin this post by giving The Artisan Market Company the credit they deserve, they can put on a great event. There was a huge 40 stalls on the market, music booming from their entertainment stage, a bubble machine, puppets and even a pop up cocktail bar.


My set up process was a new challange, with it being the first time using the new gazebo. The market kicked off at 10am and we had to get the car off the street by 9am, so they could lock the bollards. We arrived at 8:30am, unpacked the car and Mr Breezy Rainbow took off to find a place to park the car for the day preferably for free, not an easy task in Colwyn Bay. It went surprisingly smooth, shoutout to All Seasons Gazebos because the quality is superb. We got set up within the hour. Even made a sale during set up as a passer by was drawn in by the Nike socks, they left with a new bag and tee too. A successful start to the day!

The set up was a bit different this time. Being the last stall on the street I had all three sides of the gazebo to make use of. I made a sort of walk in corner shop and I was tucked away behind the table in the far corner.


The morning went by quickly, there was a steady flow of people with busier times towards mid morning and mid afternoon. The only lull was at lunch time, and I cant blame the people for making the most of the amazing food on offer from LC gourmet food. I got my breakfast from there and when I tell you it was the best sausage and egg sandwich I've had for a long time, I'm not joking. The egg was the perfect amount of runny and they filled the white bloomer bread. It was the perfect ratio of filling and bread, you don't find that often. Not forgetting the range of baked treats available on the market itself. I was next door to a handmade fudge stall called 'Fudge Without Limits' you can find them on Instagram at @fudge_without_limits they had treats like Lotus Biscoff fudge for sale and they make it all at home themselves. You can tell some love and care goes into this fudge when you take a bite, it is to die for! The Irish cream was my favourite, it was like eating Baileys, DELICIOUS! I am yet to do a market that I don't take full advantage of the great food on offer.


Later in the day a celeb made an appearance, or so many people thought. In my defense Noel Gallagher was playing a gig down the road that evening so he was in the area. Turns out it was an oasis tribute called R Kid. Props to him for looking so much like the brothers, he's really cashing in on his birth given talents I'll give him that. Great singer too.

R - Kid


Overall the day was a success. The new Nike socks were a hit and yet again I learnt to always keep the kids t-shirts stocked up.

2nd July I will be back in Colwyn Bay for the local market. Peace out.✌️

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