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Swn Y Mor Sound of the Sea Festival Penmaenmawr 3/6/22

The jubilee brought lots of opportunities for me this year. I had the pick of Markets to choose to attend. Swn Y Mor was a given for me, Penmaenmawr is my stomping ground and has forever been home so I was eager to be a part of this new event on my doorstep.


Setting up and packing up went smoothly and quickly, every time we go through the process our packing improves. It helps that we discovered the clothes rails no longer need to be dissembled but instead can just be separated into two parts. That took off a lot of the packing time. The event start time was 11am, we were set up and ready by 9:30am. My son began his day at 4:30am so I had a lot of time to spare that morning.

The Breezy Rainbow Designs Stall.


People were already beginning to appear by 10am and I'd had some interest before the event officially started. Safe to say this was my best event so far and really made up for my loss the week before. Lots of people stopped to chat and there was a steady stream of people all day with busier moments.

The vibes were good and the place was buzzing all day long. People in fancy dress roamed around taking pictures with kids (or my other half, the big kid).

We were positioned opposite the park and as the day went on more and more kids were appearing wearing their new Breezy Rainbow Designs. There really is no other feeling like it. It was a sea of red and green as the kids played in the park wearing Wales tops. The Wales tops are always my bestseller and a proud product of mine. All the kids T-Shirts were a hit as usual, and I had sold out of those by 6pm. The festival bags were also a hit. I was booked in to attend another event the next day but I didn't have enough stock left, bitter sweet as I dont like to let anybody down but it is a small victory for me to do so well.


Now it's time to get back in the workshop and build my stock back up ready for Colwyn Bay Artisan Market 18th June. Peace out.✌️

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