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Firstly let me introduce myself, I am a tie dye and all things creative enthusiast. I'm a graphic designer with only experience and a knack for design, I have no degree. Everything I excel at is self taught and through pure interest in the subject, I find that anything I try and learn in a classroom repels me. I am definitely not an 'academic'.

I spent my first 21 years sailing through life without a real purpose, I studied health care, I studied music, I even dabbled in marketing. I was lost. I knew I enjoyed music and I had a good understanding of what it took to be a musician or a DJ in my case, but it didn't do it for me as a career. I knew health & social care could land me a job at the end of it, but not a career I could see myself in for the long term. The marketing was on paper an ideal career path for me, but I didn't have that drive to take it further.


You hear parents saying all the time "my baby changed my life for the better" it is clique, but in my case it is very much the truth. This tiny human gave me the motivation to want more from life, not just for myself but for him too. It was that motivation combined with the enjoyment that made me feel for the first time in my life, I had found something I really wanted to pursue. I was inspired, and I still am daily by the total unpredictability of tie dyeing. It really is an art form. I am equally surprised and inspired by myself as a designer. I have so many creative ideas that flutter in and out of my brain everyday, often less than 50% of them stick, but those that do inspire me to keep going.


The first time I tried my hand at tie dye, I was pregnant at the beginning of the pandemic with lots of time on my hands. The first attempt was poor at best, it was one of those anyone can do it kits, knowing what I do about those kits now I would have cut myself more slack. The idea of just adding cold water to a bottle with some dye powder in the bottom is actually a bit offensive to me now I have learnt the proper way of mixing dye. No wonder I didn't get the results I wanted! I'll post a photo below of my first ever batch. Let's take a moment to appreciate the progress.


It has been a journey of learning from mistakes and experimenting to learn that tie dye is an art. Lots of research and practice thrown in too. In these blog posts I'm going to reminisce on a lot of my learning curves and bring you along with me while I continue to learn more.

You can read the history of the company and how it came to be in the about section here. I won't bore you by repeating myself, I will just leave you with the notion that however lost you may feel, sit tight because a passion and a purpose comes to everybody in their own time and it takes many different forms, be ready to grab it with both hands when it does.

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