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About Jodie


My tie dye journey began during the pandemic, in the first lockdown. I was pregnant with my son and had a lot of time on my hands. While searching the internet for baby clothing I realized I wasn't going to find the style I was looking for unless I had a go myself. I bought a couple of items from small businesses on Instagram but I wasn't satisfied with the colours. I wanted a rasta design, the items I bought arrived in a different tone than advertised or they faded in the wash. The red faded to a pink and I was having a boy so this was not ideal. 

The first few attempts were far from perfect but after trying different kits and different techniques, with some trial and error I finally mastered it and enjoyed myself along the way. When I got to a place where I was satisfied with the results, I felt confident enough to make some T-Shirts for friends and family. From there I realised this could be a real opportunity for me to do what had become my hobby and create a brand, and so Tie Dye by JJ was born. 

I have always been a very creative person. Through creating print designs for my new found venture I re-discovered my love for design. I dived into designing business cards and logos, Tie Dye by JJ then became Tie Dye & Design by JJ. 

You may be wondering by now how did this conclude in a company named Breezy Rainbow Designs. I came to find that graphic design was just as much my passion as tie dyeing. When I started to work with other companies and offer my services further afield, I felt I needed to work on my own brand. I wanted a light and colourful name with a tune to it, Breezy Rainbow came to me like a very clique story, it really did just come to me and it had the vibe I had been looking for so I adopted it as my own and I set out to not just create a website for my services and products, but a community where I could share my journey with anyone interested enough to come along for the ride. 

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